Rechat was created out of frustration

Every day, new technology promises to help make real estate agents more productive. But most tech is hard to learn or difficult to use, so agents go back to their post-it notes or spreadsheets. Until now, no single tool helped an agent manage every aspect of their business, all the way to closing.

When Shayan Hamidi started one of Canada’s largest online brokerages, he felt the pain himself. Running a real estate business -- marketing, managing contacts, closing deals -- it was complicated. Multiple systems and logins to remember, inefficient tools -- he and his agents spent hours on their computers. There had to be a better way. So he created Rechat.

We have felt the pain ourselves

Rechat is different because we started from within the real estate industry, rather than the software industry. We’re not tech people claiming to know how to solve agent’s problems. We started as agents and brokers who experienced these problems firsthand and set out to solve them.

We have felt the pain ourselves

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