AI Co-Pilot (Lucy) Real Estate AI

Meet Lucy: Rechat’s AI-Powered Co-Pilot

Rechat is excited to announce the implementation of Lucy, Rechat’s AI-powered co-pilot. Lucy is designed to help agents and brokers increase their productivity tenfold. We’ll be rolling out new features related to Lucy on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned!

Lucy’s first mission with Rechat is helping agents with their transaction forms.
Have you ever had a question about a form but didn’t have the time or resources to read the document or learn the answer? Lucy makes it easier than ever to get answers to your most pressing questions about your deals. Lucy can read both the standard text of each form, as well as the information the agent inputs into the form.
Lead Customer Success Trainer Thomas Flinn sees Lucy as another way Rechat’s Super App is helping agents accelerate their work:

“Maybe it’s 2 a.m. and an agent has a question, but their managing broker isn’t available. Lucy is!” explained Flinn.

When you open a form, Lucy will introduce itself with some suggestions of questions you might have specific to the form.

For example, for a lead-based paint disclosure, suggested questions include:
“What are the potential risks associated with lead-based paint?”
“What records and reports should the seller provide to the purchaser?”
“What is the seller’s responsibility regarding lead-based paint hazards?”

For a listing agreement, suggested questions include:
“What is the duration of this listing agreement?”
“How will disputes between the parties be resolved?”
“Are there any provisions for attorneys’ fees and expenses in case of legal action?”

By clicking on a suggestion, Lucy will provide an answer, based on the content of the form itself.

You can also type in your own questions using the chat field and press the enter or return key, or click send. Lucy can understand the pre-existing text of all forms in Rechat.

Rechat founder and CEO Shayan Hamidi sees AI as the area of “greatest transformation” in the real estate industry.

“This is just the very beginning of it, ” Hamidi said. “It helps agents get a jump start. I see it as a way to augment yourself so you can do much bigger things, better things, faster.”

Remember: While Lucy can be an exceptional help to real estate professionals, it does not provide legal advice or legal interpretations.

Watch this video about Lucy now!