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Whether you’re using your iPhone for virtual home tours or just keeping up with email, you’ll want to know what Apple’s latest rumored AI features could mean for your business. This week, we also delve into how North Korea’s escalated AI-driven cyber capabilities might be a call for heightened security, especially for enterprises. On the lighter—but equally critical—side of things, we’ll look at the ongoing legal battles over AI-generated music and lyrics. Plus, with OpenAI’s skyrocketing valuation, we wonder what this could signify for the future of machine learning in our daily work.

And on the topic of everyday efficiency, we have a few standout AI tools for you to explore. Whether you’re polishing your pitch or just trying to declutter your digital life, there’s something for everyone. Need help crafting compelling copy? Yaara is your go-to. Overwhelmed by files scattered across cloud accounts? Dokkio is a lifesaver. And if you’re looking to elevate the audio quality of any recording, give Tape It’s Denoiser a try.

So let’s dig in. The world of AI never stands still, and neither should we!

AI in the News

Apple is rumored to be bringing AI features to devices with iOS 18, reportedly planning to introduce generative AI technology to iPhones and iPads by late 2024.

Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger revealed on Wednesday that North Korea is escalating its cyber capabilities by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), posing a significant risk for enterprises worldwide.

Music publishers Universal Music, ABKCO and Concord sued artificial intelligence company Anthropic in Tennessee federal court on Wednesday, accusing it of misusing an “innumerable” amount of copyrighted song lyrics to train its chatbot Claude.

YouTube is reportedly seeking rights to train an AI tool to clone musicians’ voices — legally allowing creators to generate songs mimicking artists. As AI replicas spark lawsuits, YouTube is offering a licensed solution

ChatGPT-maker OpenAI is in talks to sell employee shares at $86 billion valuation, putting the closely held company in the league of SpaceX and Tiktok’s ByteDance

Cool Tools

Yaara – Use AI to write proven, high-converting copy.

HyperWrite AI – AI personal assistant that can complete everyday tasks in your browser.

Pitch Your Idea – Practice your pitch by chatting with AI assistants with varying personas. 

Dokkio – Finds, organizes, and understands all your files from all your cloud accounts.

Tape It – Denoiser– Remove static background hums and hisses and give your recordings a proper studio sound.

If AI feels like a vast ocean and you’re looking to navigate, our weekly guides are your compass. Kick back and mark your calendar for next week as we further demystify the fascinating layers of AI. See you next week!