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Real World AI: A Weekly Peek into Today’s Tech

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Welcome to our latest AI roundup, where we’ll showcase some of the most intriguing and impactful AI news from around the globe, capturing the essence of how AI continues to revolutionize our daily lives and the technology landscape.

From the overwhelming demand for Rabbit’s latest AI gadget to crucial discussions at Davos on AI’s influence in politics, our blog highlights key developments that are shaping the future of technology and society. Plus, we touch on groundbreaking research that’s challenging long-held beliefs in biometrics.

Join us as we explore these highlights in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of AI!

AI in the News

Rabbit sells out 10,000 units of its R1 pocket AI companion in one day. Pre-orders have opened for a second production run of the $199 ‘Large Action Model’ R1 handheld AI device after its CES 2024 debut attracted a flood of interest.

The belief that each fingerprint on one person’s hand is completely unique is now being challenged by AI research from Columbia University.

Election disruption from AI poses the biggest global risk in 2024, Davos survey warns.

The Swarovski Optik AX Visio binoculars, the world’s first-ever smart binoculars, can identify 9000 birds thanks to built-in AI.

Biggest Trends of CES 2024: AI, Transparent Screens and Off-Grid Tech to Power Your Home. The trends emerging from the Las Vegas tech show are setting the tone for the year to come.

Mark Zuckerberg makes AI a priority for Meta as Facebook turns 20.

OpenAI’s custom GPT Store is now open for business: After delays, OpenAI finally opens the custom GPT sharing platform.

Cool Tools

GrammarBot – Al grammar checks, message rewrites and style transformations.

Followr – Create social media content, automate your calendar, and save time using AI-powered tools.

BigReadAI – AI reading platform for K12 students

PocketAI – ChatGPT for WhatsApp

QRCodeCreator – Generates unique QR codes with AI

This concludes our weekly AI journey, but the adventure doesn’t stop here. There’s always more to learn and discover in the world of AI, so be sure to check back with us next week for more intriguing news and tools!