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Welcome to this week’s edition of our AI news blog, where we’re bringing you some of the most compelling stories from the forefront of artificial intelligence. This week, we’re focusing on a range of topics that showcase both advancements and challenges in the AI landscape.

Dive into the debate surrounding Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s latest open-source considerations, which have sparked a mix of excitement and concern. We’re also highlighting OpenAI’s groundbreaking partnership with Arizona State University, a significant step towards integrating AI tools like ChatGPT into education.

Meanwhile, the tech world is buzzing with Samsung’s latest leap in the AI smartphone arena, leaving competitors like Apple in the dust. And for those interested in the investment side of AI, we’ll touch on Wall Street analysts’ top AI growth stock picks for 2024.

Join us as we explore these developments and more, offering a glimpse into how AI is not only advancing technologically but also transforming industries and sparking important dialogues. Stay tuned for an engaging journey into the dynamic world of AI.

AI in the News

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg accused of being ‘irresponsible’ by considering making tools on par with human intelligence open source.

OpenAI on Thursday announced its first partnership with a higher education institution: Starting in February, Arizona State University will have full access to ChatGPT Enterprise and plans to use it for coursework, tutoring, research and more.

Samsung has left Apple far behind in the AI smartphone race.

Wall Street analysts’ top picks: Two artificial intelligence (AI) growth stocks to buy in 2024 and hold long term.

Google DeepMind cofounder Mustafa Suleyman says AI can act like an entrepreneur and inventor in the next five years.

New hope for early pancreatic cancer intervention via AI-based risk prediction: MIT CSAIL researchers develop advanced machine-learning models that outperform current methods in detecting pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

Cool Tools

CalendarScan – Scan in any calendar, schedule, or event directly to your phone’s calendar from a photo using AI.

Movievanders – An AI-Powered platform that streamlines your movie hunt and offers tailored recommendations.

Kolorize – Relive the vibrancy of old times with our photo colorization using AI.

Kasper – An AI personal assistant for perfecting interviews.

Taxpilot – Uses AI to provide tax advice and solutions. 

As we sign off this week’s AI digest, we’re already looking forward to next week’s events! Stay tuned and join us again for another round of AI news that bridges the gap between technology and everyday life.