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Real World AI: A Weekly Peek into Today’s Tech

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Welcome to our weekly dive into the captivating world of artificial intelligence. This week, we’ve handpicked some compelling developments that continue to set the tone for the future of AI and its intersection with our lives. First off, we’re taking a closer look at OpenAI’s latest marvel, Sora, a tool that breathes life into videos from just a snippet of text. Its potential is enormous, yet it’s the ethical quandaries and misuse concerns that are capturing everyone’s attention.

In an intriguing partnership, Reddit and Google are joining forces in a content licensing deal that’s poised to redefine how AI models learn from the vast, uncharted territories of social media. This collaboration is more than just a business move; it’s a glimpse into the future of AI development fueled by real-world conversations and interactions.

We’ll also venture into the cosmos with AI as our guide. The search for extraterrestrial life is getting a significant boost from artificial intelligence, capable of sifting through cosmic data on a scale and with a precision that’s simply out of this world.

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg. Join us as we explore these developments, each showcasing the transformative power of AI in creating the future, today.

AI in the News

OpenAI gives first look at Sora, an AI tool which creates video from just a line of text. OpenAI’s newest AI model renders videos from prompts which they say “accurately interpret props and generate compelling characters that express vibrant emotions.” But the tool has been met with skepticism and concern it could be misused.

Reddit in AI content licensing deal with Google: Social media platform Reddit has struck a deal with Google to make its content available for training the search engine giant’s artificial intelligence models, three people familiar with the matter said.

How AI is helping the search for extraterrestrial life: The ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to both handle massive datasets – and to spot anomalies – is transforming the hunt for alien intelligence.

A good day for 401(k)s: S&P 500 and Dow hit new highs as Nvidia fervor takes hold of Wall Street.

Who is Jonathan Mayer, the first-ever ‘chief AI officer’ for the U.S. Justice Department? The Princeton alum will occupy this brand-new role, created by the Biden administration, to tackle artificial intelligence in law.

Cool Tools

Longshot – AI platform for content teams.

Visioncast – An AI tool for manifesting goals.

Hiccup – An AI assistant designed to be the guardian of your thoughts, ideas, and memories.

Sylph – An Ai copilot for people search.

Hidden Biases – Test AI and yourself on ambiguous sentences.

This week’s journey through the AI universe may be drawing to a close, but the exploration is far from over. Keep your sense of wonder at the ready, and join us again next week as we uncover more insights into how AI continues to shape our world in extraordinary ways.