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Welcome back to this week’s AI roundup, where we discuss AI news and innovations that weave technology into our daily lives. From groundbreaking advancements that promise to deepen our understanding of AI’s capabilities to strategic corporate moves that hint at the future direction of the tech industry, we’ve handpicked a selection of stories to spark your curiosity.

Whether it’s the international community’s efforts to harness AI for the greater good, a leap towards AI models that mimic human reasoning, or Nvidia’s latest strategic acquisitions, there’s a wealth of insights waiting for you. Join us as we explore these topics and more, as AI continues to evolve, challenge, and inspire.

AI in the News

The General Assembly approved the first United Nations resolution on artificial intelligence Thursday, giving global support to an international effort to ensure the powerful new technology benefits all nations, respects human rights and is “safe, secure and trustworthy.”

Scientists gave AI an “inner monologue” and something fascinating happened: It started teaching itself to be smarter. This model may “close the gap between language model and human-like reasoning capabilities,” researchers hope.

How an AI-powered robot provides companionship to lonely seniors: ElliQ provides seniors around the country with companionship and prompts reflective conversations, offering much-needed support to combat loneliness.

GOP bill aims to limit IRS’ use of AI: The legislation could look to put new restrictions on the tax agency’s deployment of AI in its revenue enforcement efforts and require staff to launch new investigations. 

Nvidia just bought 5 artificial intelligence (AI) stocks, including 2 standouts: Shares of Arm Holdings and SoundHound AI are soaring in 2024, netting Nvidia a nice paper profit.

Cool Tools

Name Drop AI – Turns social media conversations into leads.

Gauntlet Movies GPT– Test your knowledge of movies with this ChatGPT.

Inkflow – Generates 20,000+ word books with AI.

Gees – A collaborative AI design platform.

Looka – Creates professional logos and branding for businesses.

Tailor – News that matters to you, summarized.

As we wrap up this week’s glimpse into the transformative world of AI, we hope you’re as excited as we are about the possibilities ahead. Stay engaged, and we’ll return next week with more stories that connect the dots between technology and its impact on our daily lives. Until next time!