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In this week’s roundup of AI news, we spotlight several key developments that underscore the technology’s growing impact across different sectors. We look into the debate over nuclear fusion as a potential answer to AI’s increasing energy demands, examine how AI is being used to improve the taste of beer, and explore its role in potentially streamlining the accountancy field, promising greater efficiency and possible changes in workforce dynamics.

These stories, among others, highlight AI’s expanding influence from food and beverage to financial services, underscoring its potential to drive innovation and prompt significant shifts in how industries operate. Join us as we explore these developments, offering insights into the ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence and its implications for our world.

AI in the News

ChatGPT’s boss claims nuclear fusion is the answer to AI’s soaring energy needs. Not so fast, experts say.

Scientists turn to AI to make beer taste even better: Researchers in Belgium use AI to improve taste, but say the skill of the brewer remains vital.

Could AI take the grind out of accountancy? According to a KPMG survey, four in 10 senior audit professionals expect that the increased efficiency that AI can bring will lead to a reduction in the size of auditing teams.

Biden administration unveils new rules for federal government’s use of artificial intelligence.

Amazon is reportedly planning to spend a whopping $150 billion within the next 15 years on building data centers — a move that will position the tech giant to be able to handle an expected explosion with AI applications and other digital services.

What Google’s new AI fruit fly can teach us about real behavior: To learn how to move, groom itself and flap its wings, a fruit fly AI devoured hours of video of real insects.

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FluffyTutor – Helps you learn any language with AI.

Lid – An AI-powered journaling app.

Thank you for engaging with this week’s discussions navigating AI’s vast landscape. We’re grateful for your curiosity and companionship. See you next week for another installment of AI insights!