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In this week’s exploration of the AI frontier, we spotlight more developments that underscore the rapid evolution and impact of artificial intelligence across various sectors. Apple’s foray into the realm of personal home robots hints at a future where technology offers even more personalized assistance within our living spaces. Meanwhile, Google’s consideration of an AI-generated content paywall could signal a pivotal shift in how we access and value digital information. Meanwhile, the integration of DALL-E into ChatGPT opens new doors for users to seamlessly edit images within their conversations, marking another leap in AI’s creative capabilities.

These stories, alongside several others – from the competitive landscape of tech talent to the unexpected outcomes of AI implementations in public services – paint a vivid picture of AI’s expanding role. Join us as we explore these topics and more, revealing how artificial intelligence continues to challenge, innovate, and occasionally stumble, as it becomes an integral part of our digital and physical worlds.

AI in the News

Apple reportedly exploring personal home robots: Engineers have been looking into a robot that can follow users around their homes, as well as a tabletop device that uses robotics to adjust a display screen.

Google looks to AI paywall option, claims report: The company is reported to be considering charging for premium content generated by artificial intelligence (AI). It would be the first time Google charged for any of its content.

DALL-E now lets you edit images in ChatGPT: Tweak your AI creations without leaving the chat.

Elon Musk says he’s increasing salaries for Tesla engineers because Sam Altman’s OpenAI keeps trying to recruit them.

Hackers competed to find AI harms. Here’s what they found.

NYC’s AI chatbot was caught telling businesses to break the law. The city isn’t taking it down.

Cool Tools

CallTeacher – Speak or write with AI for language learnings – available in 29 languages.

EduHunt – Instantly finds quality educational content on YouTube.

WarpVideo – All-in-one, state-of-the-art AI video creation platform.

Parity – AI-enabled meeting-scheduling assistant.

Promptordle – Guess a word by riddles generated from your guesses.

That’s a wrap on this week’s AI discoveries. But the world of artificial intelligence never sleeps, and neither do our curiosities. We’ll be back with more updates and insights, so make sure you join us again next week!