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In this week’s edition of our AI news blog, we navigate through more groundbreaking innovations and pressing concerns in the realm of artificial intelligence. Key highlights include the AI-Music Arms Race, where Udio emerges as the latest sensation, challenging predecessors with its robust backing and promising a new chapter in AI-generated music. Additionally, we look at the ambitious project of the US Air Force to revolutionize aerial combat through AI-controlled F-16 fighters, a testament to the growing trust in autonomous systems. We’ll also explore the looming issue of AI’s appetite for power, with projections suggesting it could consume a quarter of America’s electricity by 2030, spotlighting the urgent need for sustainable AI development.

These stories, along with others in our comprehensive coverage, illustrate the diverse impact of AI across technology, defense, and environmental sustainability. Join us as we explore the latest developments, offering insight into the intricate balance between advancement and responsibility in the expanding AI landscape.

AI in the News

US Air Force secretary so confident in AI-controlled F-16s, he’ll fly in one. Last week the USAF delivered three F-16 fighters to Eglin Air Force Base, for conversion to full AI control as part of the Viper Experimentation and Next-gen Operations Model (VENOM) autonomous test bed program.

AI-Music Arms Race: Meet Udio, the Other ChatGPT for Music: Weeks after AI-music generator Suno went viral, a new rival, Udio, is here, backed by tech and music heavyweights. 

Humane AI Pin review: Not Even Close: For $699 and $24 a month, this wearable computer promises to free you from your smartphone. There’s only one problem: it just doesn’t work.

Congressman Don Beyer wanted to understand AI. So he went back to a college classroom to learn.

AI may eventually consume a quarter of America’s power by 2030, warns Arm CEO. An IEA Electricity 2024 report warns that ChatGPT requests costs nearly 10 times more than a Google search in power.

How to identify an AI imposter in video, audio and text as deepfake technology goes mainstream.

International writing guilds set out ‘ethical framework’ for use of AI in screenwriting.

Cool Tools

Intellectia.AI – AI-driven stock research platform for smarter investment.

BoolVideo – Go from a URL to video for your products and blogs.

Noctie – Chess practice using humanlike AI.

Whisper Transcribe – Turn your audio into content.

Parity – AI-enabled meeting-scheduling assistant

As we conclude this week’s snapshot of AI progress, we’re already anticipating the next breakthroughs. Stay curious, and let’s keep pushing the boundaries together! Until next week!