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Welcome to this week’s journey through the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence. This edition features an intriguing mix of technology’s impact across history, politics, and consumer electronics. We unveil the role AI played in solving a historical mystery, revealing the long-sought burial site of the ancient philosopher Plato, a discovery made possible by decoding a scroll buried under the ashes of Mount Vesuvius.

In modern arenas, we explore groundbreaking research where AI technology can discern a person’s political leanings simply by analyzing their facial features. On the corporate front, Apple steps up its game in the competitive AI landscape with new updates that may redefine its flagship products.

Join us for these fascinating stories and more, as we explore the implications and innovations of AI that are transforming our understanding of the past and shaping the future.

AI in the News

Rabbit R1 hands-on: Already more fun and accessible than the Humane AI Pin. It has a working, reliable screen and easy-to-use controls.

AI can tell your political affiliation just by looking at your face, researchers find. A new peer-reviewed study says that facial recognition technology can accurately “read” a person’s political affiliation just by looking at their face.

Plato’s burial place finally revealed after AI deciphers ancient scroll carbonized in Mount Vesuvius eruption. Researchers used AI to decipher an ancient papyrus that includes details about where the Greek philosopher is buried.

Meta loses $200 billion in value as CEO Mark Zuckerberg unnerved investors on the company’s quarterly earnings call Wednesday by focusing on its long-term investments in AI and the metaverse. Shares of Meta tumbled as much as 19% in extended trading Wednesday.

Apple’s iPhone AI plans confirmed with new software release: Apple is quietly signaling how it hopes to stand out against the raft of Android-powered AI devices, even as it talks to Google about licensing Gemini to power some of the iPhone’s AI features.

Here are 4 big questions about what’s next in AI Music

AI Chatbots will soon take over much of the work of human call center agents

Cool Tools

TalkbackAI – Manages and crafts responses to customer reviews.

PrometAI – Turns ideas into viable business plans with AI.

ChainGPT – Offers AI-powered blockchain analytics and AI trading.

AI Lawyer – Creates legal advice and documents.

This week’s examination of artificial intelligence has offered us a glimpse into the future, as well as the past. But we’re just scratching the surface, so come back next week for more insights into the world of AI!