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In this week’s AI news roundup, we explore a selection of intriguing developments that showcase the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. We’ll look into Hugging Face’s innovative $10 million initiative to democratize AI development with ZeroGPU, delve into the breakthroughs in AI humor recognition with a newly developed ‘Sarcasm Detector,’ and examine the cutting-edge AI assistants launched by OpenAI and Google, designed to outperform predecessors like Siri and Alexa.

These highlights offer a glimpse into the diverse topics we cover. Our full blog post expands on additional key trends, including AI’s human-like interactions, the intertwining paths of AI and cryptocurrency, and the economic implications of generative AI technologies. Join us for our weekly comprehensive look at how AI continues to reshape our digital landscape.

AI in the News

Laughing, chatting, singing, GPT-4o is AI close to human, but watch out: it’s really not human. It is responsive enough to obscure the fact that it is not a sentient being. It comes with biases; it is a corporate product.

Hugging Face commits $10 million to help beat the big AI companies: ZeroGPU gives everyone the chance to create AI apps without the burden of GPU costs.

‘Sarcasm detector’: Scientists finally create AI that can understand a joke. The researchers have developed a novel “multimodal algorithm” that delves deeper than just words to detect sarcasm with greater accuracy.

‘We’re just scratching the surface’ of crypto and AI — The symbiotic relationship between AI and crypto is still in its nascent stages, according to tech execs.

How AI could make workers more productive – but paid less.

OpenAI and Google are launching supercharged AI assistants. Here’s how you can try them out. They promise to be leaps ahead of tools like Siri or Alexa.

Cool Tools

Receipt AI – Manage receipts with AI and SMS, for busy traveling teams.

ElevenLabs Reader – Read aloud web pages, PDFs and other documents in 11 different voices.

JobHuntMode – AI-powered job-hunting tool.

Verbalate – Translates video content into multiple languages.

Glue – Smarter work chat for people, apps, and AI.

We hope this week’s insights have sparked your curiosity and broadened your understanding of AI’s evolving landscape. Keep engaging with us as we dig deeper into the technology that is transforming our everyday lives.