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Welcome to this week’s exploration of AI trends and developments. In our latest blog post, we explore the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, starting with Amazon’s plan to revamp Alexa with advanced AI capabilities, signaling a shift towards a subscription-based model. Meanwhile, the political arena grapples with the anticipated yet unrealized impact of AI on the upcoming 2024 campaign, challenging prior expectations of a technological revolution in election strategies. Additionally, we highlight the renewed rivalry in computer technology as AI breathes new life into the age-old Mac vs. PC debate, with Microsoft stepping up its game against Apple’s long-standing dominance.

We’ll also cover a range of other compelling topics, including predictions on AI in military technology and breakthroughs in automated travel planning, that promise to reshape how we interact with technology in everyday life and beyond. Join us as we dig into these fascinating developments in this week’s AI blog.

AI in the News

Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price. This announcement comes as OpenAI unveiled a chatbot that can have two-way conversations, while Alexa is still widely used for kitchen timers and announcing the weather.

A.I. promised to upend the 2024 campaign. It hasn’t yet. With less than six months until the 2024 election, the political uses of A.I. are more theoretical than transformational. “This is the dog that didn’t bark,” said one adviser to a Democratic donor.

For the first time in a long time, AI is making the battle between Macs and PCs is interesting again: Apple’s products have been beating out Microsoft’s Windows-based PCs for years thanks to their superior battery life and performance. But Microsoft says it’s finally tipped the scales back in its own favor.

Nvidia Announces a 10-for-1 Stock Split. Here’s What Investors Need to Know.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicts nuclear-powered AI systems on military bases surrounded by machine guns. Schmidt believes that eventually, the US and China will have a small number of extremely powerful AI systems that have the capability for autonomous invention.

Google’s Gemini can build an entire vacation itinerary ‘in a matter of seconds.’ The AI model will blend personal information, like flights and hotel bookings, with publicly available details to build multi-day itineraries in no time.

Cool Tools

Nowadays – AI assistant for corporate event planning.

Inncivio – An AI-powered education platform for businesses.

CreateAICourse – Generate online courses with AI.

Macky – An AI business consulting tool.

Granola – The AI notepad for people in back-to-back meetings.

We hope this week’s insights have sparked your curiosity and broadened your understanding of AI’s evolving landscape. Keep engaging with us as we dive deeper into the technology transforming our everyday lives.