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This week’s highlights feature LinkedIn’s innovative AI reaching new heights, a reality check for autonomous vehicles in California, and a tech-infused health initiative from Apple. Even the legendary tunes of The Beatles are getting a touch-up from technology!

Whether you’re intrigued by the latest AI trends or searching for tools to streamline your life, our roundup is your gateway to the advancements that are not just changing the future, but are also part of our present. Dive in to discover how these evolutions in AI can influence your approach to real estate and beyond!

AI in the News

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr just released a new Beatles single featuring AI-generated John Lennon, completed using machine learning to isolate individual tracks from an unreleased demo.

LinkedIn passed 1 billion members and launched a new AI chatbot “job seeker coach” to help you get a job.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ordered General Motors’ (GM.N) Cruise unit to remove its driverless cars from state roads, calling the vehicles a risk to the public and saying the company had “misrepresented” the safety of the technology. The GM subsidiary responded by halting its robotaxi operations across the United States.

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Apple reportedly plans to launch advanced health monitoring powered by AI for its Apple Watch and AirPods, as well as paid health coaching services in 2024.

How the false positive rate of AI detectors can destroy innocent writers’ livelihoods. 

Cool Tools

Dot – Dot by New Computer is an intelligent guide designed to help you remember, organize, and navigate your life.

Genny – Genny is a professional-grade content creation tool powered by Generative AI and text-to-speech technologies making it the ideal choice for marketers, HR personnel, sales teams, educators, and content creators.

Infichat – Resolve 60% of customer queries instantly using AI. Enhance customer interactions, streamline processes, and provide exceptional support with the help of advanced artificial intelligence.

Illustroke – Transform your text prompts into stunning vector illustrations with the power of AI. Unlock your creativity and bring your ideas to life with ease.

Circleback – Circleback can join any Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, or BlueJeans meeting and provide AI-generated notes, action items, and transcript minutes after the meeting.

If you’re either an AI newcomer or a tech aficionado, our weekly updates are your window to the world of accessible AI. Reserve a spot in your schedule for next week’s edition, grab a refreshing drink, and join us as we dive into another array of AI wonders. See you soon!