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Welcome to our latest installment of Real World AI, where we venture beyond real estate and delve into the fascinating world of AI and its expanding role in various industries.

This week, we’ve seen Airbnb make a bold move by acquiring an AI startup for a staggering $200 million, signaling a significant shift towards a more intuitive, AI-driven travel experience. In healthcare, Forward Health is redefining convenience with their launch of CarePods, a compact, AI-powered doctor’s office.

Meanwhile, in the realm of gaming and finance, AI continues to demonstrate its versatility and prowess. Google DeepMind’s ‘Student of Games’ AI is outmaneuvering humans in complex games, showcasing a leap towards more general AI applications. And in the stock market, AI technology’s ability to automate and optimize is making AI stocks a hot topic this November.

As AI continues to weave its way into the fabric of our daily lives, it’s crucial for professionals from all fields, including real estate, to stay informed and adapt. Let’s explore these groundbreaking developments together and consider how they might impact our future.

AI in the News

Airbnb acquires AI startup for just under $200 million: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has said that generative AI will radically change the platform and that he wants to use it as a “travel concierge” that learns about users over time and enhances their travel experiences — for example, matching users with the right rooms or homes.

Forward Health launches CarePods, a self-contained, AI-powered doctor’s office: Get a blood test, check blood pressure and swab for ailments — all without a doctor or nurse.

A single artificial intelligence can beat human players in chess, Go, poker and other games that require a variety of strategies to win. The AI, called Student of Games, was created by Google DeepMind, which says it is a step towards an artificial general intelligence capable of carrying out any task with superhuman performance.

6 Top-Rated AI Stocks for Your November Must-Buy List: AI stocks are also popular because the technology allows companies to automate complex tasks and streamline processes, reducing costs and potentially improving the customer experience.

Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) bill that would direct federal agencies to create standards aimed at providing transparency and accountability for AI tools.

Google rolls out AI shopping tools to inspire gift ideas, visualize searches, and expand virtual try-on.

Cool Tools

Wondercraft AI – Turn existing content such as blog posts, into full podcasts.
Polywork – Use your LinkedIn to generate a beautiful personal site in seconds with AI.
Xembly – Delegate tedious tasks like scheduling, note-taking, and task management to Xena, an AI-powered executive assistant.
Postfluencer – Automatically generate engaging LinkedIn posts.
Hello History – An AI powered app that lets you have life-like conversations with historical figures.

Whether you’re just starting your AI journey or already well-versed, our weekly roundups serve as your go-to resource. So, pour a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and meet us here again next week as we continue to illuminate the practical aspects of AI. Until then, stay curious!