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In this week’s update, we’re exploring more new developments in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are making waves across various industries. We’ll touch on the leadership shake-up at OpenAI, reflecting the rapid evolution of AI technology. Our focus also includes a look at the Pentagon’s latest AI initiatives, which could redefine future warfare.

Additionally, we’ll discuss AI’s promising role in addressing climate change and its innovative application in simplifying complex tasks, like creating sewing patterns from photos. Alongside these developments, we’ll highlight Amazon’s initiative to foster AI knowledge through free educational courses.

Plus, don’t miss our Cool Tools section, where we feature cutting-edge AI tools that are revolutionizing mundane tasks and professional workflows. Join us as we investigate these fascinating advancements, showcasing the vast potential of AI in transforming our world.

AI in the News

Sam Altman returns as CEO and OpenAI has a new initial board. Mira Murati is CTO, and Greg Brockman returns as President. Read messages from CEO Sam Altman and board chair Bret Taylor.

Pentagon’s AI Initiatives Accelerate Hard Decisions on Lethal Autonomous Weapons: The U.S. military is increasing use of AI technology that will fundamentally alter the nature of war.

How AI could power the climate breakthrough the world needs: Better assessing future risks for farming is just one of the ways artificial intelligence technologies are being used to address the climate crisis.

AI can figure out sewing patterns from a single photo of clothing: Creating a sewing pattern from an existing garment can be a time-consuming task, but now an artificial intelligence model can do the job from a photo.

Here are 5 ways AI is making a significant impact on healthcare practices in the US.

Amazon offers free courses on generative AI: a new ‘AI Ready’ education track to help train aspiring professionals on Amazon’s AI tech.

Cool Tools

Magical – Uses AI to speed up repetitive tasks like messaging and data entry.

CoWriter– AI powerhouse for speeding up creative writing.

Itair – AI-powered travel planning.

Pagerly – Create tickets, bugs and incidents from Slack Itself and automatically create channels based on your workflow rules.

Gizzmo – Unlock revenue potential with Gizzmo’s automated product carousels and affiliate integration.

Whether you’re fresh to the AI scene or just keeping tabs, our weekly briefings are your one-stop shop. Get cozy with a beverage that hits the spot, and we’ll catch up again next week for more eye-opening explorations of AI. Don’t miss it!