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A Recipe for Success: Rechat’s Video Clips Turns Chicken Salad into a $1.5 Million Deal

In the competitive real estate industry, leveraging unique marketing strategies can significantly impact an agent’s success. Joe Burns, partner at Coldwell Banker Lifestyles, found an inventive way to combine his culinary skills and Rechat’s Experience Management Platform to achieve remarkable results. Burns also offered a variety of insights into how Rechat has positively impacted his work, and that of others at his brokerage.

Faced with the challenge of selling a high-value property in rural New Hampshire, Burns turned to Rechat, a comprehensive real estate platform, to boost his marketing efforts. The property, priced at $1.995 million, presented a unique challenge in attracting the right buyers and brokers. And despite the property’s appeal, traditional marketing strategies did not immediately result in any offers.

So, Burns used Rechat’s Video Clips feature as part of his innovative approach to drawing attention to the property.

“I decided to host an old-fashioned broker open house, but with a modern twist, using Rechat’s video tool,” he said. Drawing on his background as a chef, Burns prepared a gourmet chicken salad, and filmed the process. “I laid out all the ingredients and made a video, not focusing on myself, but on the preparation of a great lunch for the brokers if they’d be willing to come.”

He then distributed his video clip through Rechat, directly to a select group of brokers, which he had tagged in Rechat’s People Center.

“The ease with which I could send out this video to brokers I really wanted to attend was impressive. It made the process not only efficient but also personal,” Burns explained. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with 17 brokers attending the open house, a significant turnout given the rural location.

Burns’ story shows how agents can use Rechat’s video tools to elevate their marketing approach, creating more engaging and effective content. “The video got them there,” Burns noted.

After the broker open house, Burns used the input he received to adjust the price of the listing.

“Creating a price reduction flyer and distributing it to a targeted list of luxury REALTORS® took no time at all,” he said, showcasing Rechat’s capacity to streamline marketing efforts.

Using his insights feature in Rechat, Burns could see one of the agents from approximately 30 miles away opened the email five times. That agent brought the buyer to the house, and Burns was able to close the sale at $1.5 million.

“Honestly, it was pretty awesome,” Burns said of the overall experience.

Another advantage of Rechat is its ability to foster connections with past clients. Burns shared a story of an agent in his brokerage who re-engaged a past client through a property flyer sent via Rechat for a $350,000 condo. The email prompted the client to reach out to the agent and connect him with his new girlfriend who was interested in lake house purchase – with a budget of $4 million. This example underscores the importance of maintaining relationships, which is made easier using Rechat’s People Center features.

“The key is ease of use. If a program is too complicated, people won’t use it. Rechat strikes the right balance, making it accessible for everyone,” he explained.

Feedback from other agents in Joe’s brokerage has been positive, with many starting to see the value in Rechat’s capabilities. Features such as automated birthday and house anniversary cards have been particularly popular for keeping in touch with clients in a meaningful way.

“Rechat has become an integral part of our strategy, not just for its marketing tools, but for how it helps us manage relationships and transactions more effectively,” Burns said.

Rechat’s impact on Joe Burns and the CB Lifestyles brokerage illustrates the Experience Management Platform’s role in modernizing the real estate industry. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools in a user-friendly package, Rechat helps agents and brokers enhance their productivity and connect with clients on a deeper level.