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Long-time Rechat Client Serhant Featured on Netflix’s New Show, ‘Owning Manhattan’

Netflix’s latest reality series, Owning Manhattan, shines a spotlight on the vibrant and competitive world of New York City’s luxury real estate. At the center of the action is brokerage founder and CEO Ryan Serhant, whose innovative approach to real estate has made him a standout figure in the industry. As an established Rechat client, Serhant continues to demonstrate the power of being different in a crowded marketplace.

Serhant’s philosophy of distinguishing the brokerage through creative strategies and unparalleled service aligns closely with Rechat’s mission. Rechat’s Experience Management Platform is designed to separate itself from competitors by providing a fully integrated ecosystem that streamlines tasks and enhances the efficiency of real estate professionals. In June 2024 alone, Serhant agents sent more than 3 million emails using Rechat, showcasing the platform’s pivotal role in their daily operations.

Rechat CEO Shayan Hamidi expressed his enthusiasm for Serhant’s new venture: “We are incredibly proud to see Ryan Serhant and his team featured on Netflix’s Owning Manhattan. His commitment to progress and excellence mirrors our own values at Rechat. This show is a testament to his relentless drive to be unique in the real estate industry.”

Owning Manhattan offers viewers an inside look at the high-stakes world of Manhattan real estate, highlighting the challenges and triumphs that come with selling some of the most prestigious properties in the city. Serhant’s presence on the show underscores his status as a leader in the industry and exemplifies the success that comes from embracing a distinctive approach.

As Serhant continues to break new ground, Rechat remains committed to supporting their team with cutting-edge tools and solutions. Rechat’s Experience Management Platform enables agents to work seamlessly within one system, from automating listing marketing to tracking transactions from start to finish.

Rechat celebrates Serhant’s achievements and looks forward to seeing how Owning Manhattan inspires real estate professionals to embrace originality and strive for excellence.