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What Is Rechat?: End-to-End Software for Real Estate Professionals

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Whether you’ve been in real estate for years or recently got started, there’s one thing you’re familiar with: busywork. Research indicates most real estate agents spend nearly two thirds of their workweek on paperwork and client meetings, but only one hour per day marketing themselves. 

If working in real estate teaches you anything, it’s that visibility and branding matter. In an industry of more than 3 million licensed agents, being memorable is a must. It takes copious amounts of time and energy to build a personal brand… unless you can leverage your expertise efficiently. 

That’s where Rechat comes in. But, what is Rechat? What is our software capable of, and how can it reduce busywork while amplifying your results? Keep reading to find out. 

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Rechat: An Overview

Rechat is an industry-leading marketing and sales platform for real estate brokers and agents. Our platform provides everything you need to accomplish and streamline your daily business functions. This includes listing management, agent marketing, following up with prospective buyers or sellers, and completing transactions. 

So, all that sounds great, but you’re probably wondering: “How can I use this?” We’re glad you asked. Rechat has several core functionalities that you can use as soon as your account is set up. 

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Key Features Within Rechat

One of Rechat’s many benefits is its suite of marketing automation features. Marketing automation is any technology or tool that automatically manages an aspect of digital marketing campaigns for you.

Within Rechat, this includes listing pages, eBlasts, social media templates, and more. Let’s take a look at each of these features and examine how they work. 

Listing Websites

You don’t need us to tell you that getting fresh listings is the bread and butter of real estate. Whether you’re helping buyers and sellers, or training agents to generate more business, you’ll spend a lot of time on this. 

You want listings to have the best photos they can, and it’s important to make sure all listing data is correct too. If you don’t already have digital tools for this part of your business, you’re looking at hours of work just to publish your listings. 

Save yourself the headache with our website listing feature. All you need to do is add basic details about the property, upload photos and/or videos, preview the listing, and you’re off to the races. 

eBlasts and Email Marketing

In addition to finding great properties, agents are responsible for drumming up interest from the consumer market. Unless you already have a large network of hungry buyers, making people aware of your listings can feel like an uphill battle. 

Sending out an eBlast puts your listing in front of hundreds, even thousands of prospects at a moment’s notice. Rechat has a built-in eBlast feature that you can master in minutes and use whenever you need it. Add an eye-catching header photo or image, provide basic info about the listing, include your contact information, and you’re set. 

Social Media Templates

Social media offers a convenient way to reach your key audiences where they already interact with brands. Though social media isn’t the most personal method of reaching people, it does create leverage without a significant financial investment.

The frustrating part about social media marketing is it takes time. Even if you’re the creative type, producing and scheduling all the posts can eat up hours of your week. There’s a better way than creating everything from scratch. 

That’s why Rechat has dozens of social media templates that can be customized for any need. From new listing announcements and congratulating customers to holidays and events, it’s all under one roof. 

Once logged into your account, navigate to the Social Posts & Stories section. Next, browse through the templates to find one that works for you. Click on it to start adding your information, double check details, then save and download. You’ll be amazed at how productive you can be in less time! 

Open House Management 

Open houses are a hallmark of the real estate industry, and for good reason. An open house is a fast, convenient way to share your seller’s property with dozens of interested buyers. It also affords the face-to-face connection that so many people are looking for, and this helps secure deals in the long run.

What’s difficult about open houses is recording your guest’s information and following up with them. It’s a pain to transfer pen and paper records to your computer and takes even more time to get the data uploaded and organized. 

Instead, you can use Rechat’s open house management tool to quickly record your guests’ contact information in the cloud. Rechat syncs with your email service provider as well, so you can send automatic follow-up emails in minutes. 

Print Collateral

Another part of being a real estate agent or broker is sending physical mail. Whether you want to reach a large audience for an open house or build relationships in a geographic area, mastering print mailings still holds relevance. 

Rechat makes it easy with our print collateral section. After logging into your account, navigate to the Print tab and click on it. Browse the print templates that you can add your business information to.

Once you’re done designing, we make it easy to download your files and send them to your printer. It’s never been this easy to produce the marketing materials you need!

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What’s to Come For Rechat

Rechat hasn’t been on the block for long, but we have lots in store. In addition to industry partnerships and PropTech initiatives, we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts on several topics. From relational selling and putting people first to daily marketing strategies and more, you can expect premium insights for every real estate need.

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