Market your listings with a few clicks


Choose a design or start from scratch

Find a design email you like or start from scratch with 500+ stunning templates all customized for your brand.


Customize with blocks

Watch your designs get automatically made with the MLS data, and customize your email with blocks.

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Select your audience by tags

Use AI to find best matching agents to market to, and tags to target the right people from your sphere.

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Send real time or schedule for later

Send your email right away or schedule it for a more proper time when you think it’d have the best impact.

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Watch who is engaging with your emails

Get notified when people open or click to follow-up real time.

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Use AI to find best matching agents to market to

Identify top agents in your area based on number of listings, buyers, or volume.

Use AI to find best matching agents to market to

Market your listings on social

Let the world know you are the best agent! Send out promotional postcards featuring your latest real estate properties just listed on the market with ready made templates you can customize in minutes.

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Hold an all digital Open house

  • Have a registration page that works on any device
  • Have leads automatically added to your CRM
  • Set them on auto flows to get more business
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