Back to School: Tips & Outreach Strategies for the Savvy Agent

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As the summer months wind down and families everywhere start preparing for the Back to School season, it’s time for us to sharpen our pencils, too. We’ve curated a list of tried-and-true real estate tips and outreach strategies with a twist, themed around the back-to-school season. So let’s dive right in, and you’ll be sure to ace this assignment!

Organize a Back-to-School Supplies Drive

A great way to combine outreach and community involvement is by organizing a back-to-school supplies drive. You can partner with local businesses to collect donations, or even organize a pickup from people’s homes (a fantastic opportunity for face-to-face interaction!). Announce the drive through your social media channels and email newsletters and don’t forget to follow up with a heartfelt thank you note to everyone who donated.

Use School Themes in Your Marketing

The back-to-school season is ripe with imagery that you can incorporate into your marketing. Use graphics of school buses, apples, books, and more in your posts and email newsletters. Consider adding a school-themed pun or two in your captions for a bit of fun. Remember, this season is about fresh beginnings and new learning opportunities – carry that energy into your client communications. Visit the Rechat Marketing Center for fantastic Back To School designs for email marketing and social media!

Leverage Your Alumni Network

If you graduated from a local school or your kids are attending one, leverage this connection. Use the alumni network for referrals, sponsor an event at your alma mater, or simply share your pride in being part of that community. A shared school experience can create a strong bond with potential clients.

Back to School Home Buying/Selling Workshops

Offer a workshop or webinar for potential buyers or sellers. This could be a “Home Buying 101” or “What to Know When Selling Your Home” session. Advertise these educational events as a “Back to School” special to keep in line with the theme and make it more enticing.

Create a Moving Guide for Families

If you know that a family with school-age children is moving to the area, provide them with a personalized guide. This can include information on local schools, after-school activities, tutoring centers, pediatricians, and more. This thoughtful gesture will not only set you apart from other agents but will also help the family feel more comfortable and supported during their move.

Collaborate with Local Businesses

Partner with local businesses that cater to school-aged children and their parents. This could be a tutoring center, children’s bookstore, or sporting goods store. By cross-promoting each other, you can reach a wider audience and strengthen your community bonds.

Remember, the back-to-school season is about more than just selling houses. It’s about supporting families in their journey, connecting with your community, and sharing knowledge. With these tips and strategies, you’re sure to earn an “A” on your real estate outreach this season!