New Features

Digital Business Card: Always Have Your Business Card Ready!

How many times have you fumbled around in your purse or briefcase, furiously searching for your business card, while trying to make a good impression on a potential client?

Never again with Rechat’s new digital business card feature! You’ll always have your business card at your fingertips, and you can share your contact info with just one tap!

It’s easy! From within the Rechat app, tap the QR code icon next to your name, and your personal QR code will appear. This QR code holds all your business contact information and is ready to be transferred to your client.

Using the camera on their phone, your client can easily scan the code, which automatically adds all your contact details to their phone.

It takes just seconds, allowing you to keep your focus on your new client and making a great connection!

Click here to watch a quick video to show you how to put this feature to work for you and your growing business!