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FEATURE: Import Your CSV Contacts with Artificial Intelligence

ESTIMATED TIME FEATURE SAVES: 10 to 15 minutes or more, depending on amount of contacts

Looking for a faster, easier way to import all of your Contacts from a CSV file? Now you can in the Rechat web app.

Our latest feature allows you to import your CSV Contacts with artificial intelligence. Here are a few details on the Rechat improvements that make this possible:

  • If a Contact’s address is in one column, you can import it without having to divide the information across multiple columns.
  • If your Contacts have multiple comma-separated tags in one column (e.g. Buyer, Past Client), you can import them as-is, and the app will save them as different tags. You don’t need to put them into different columns.
  • Previously, our platform wouldn’t have recognized multiple columns of the same name in a sheet. If you had two columns named Tag, one would have been skipped. This is no longer is the case. Rechat will now recognize they are two separate columns.

Improved Rich Text Editor

In the same web app update, we included usability improvements for the template Rich Text Editor (RTE) in the Marketing Center. Here’s what to look for:

  • The Delete, Duplicate, and Move options have moved to the right side of the RTE.
  • The editor box appears when you click to make edits, and it will disappear when clicking on empty space in the template.

Agent Use Case

Say goodbye to manual Contact upload and editing. Now you can upload hundreds of Contacts with a few clicks of your mouse. Effortlessly update your Contact lists and spend more time on more important tasks.

Brokerage Use Case

Your agents can now batch upload contacts much faster. This means less time spent on busywork and more opportunities to speak with clients or market their listings.

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