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FEATURE: Link Previews Now Appear in Social Media Posts

ESTIMATED TIME FEATURE SAVES: 1 minute per social media post

Everyone likes seeing a preview image pop up when sharing a link on social media. Normally when sharing a link from Rechat to social media, the social post wouldn’t generate a thumbnail image.

When you share a link from your Rechat dashboard, the link previews now appear in social media posts. This applies to listings, articles, video links, and other kinds of links.

The new link preview feature generates your link’s thumbnail image, a brief search-engine-friendly description, and if applicable, the listing address and MLS ID.

Agent Use Case

Easily share links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Slack, and more with the link’s full thumbnail image. Ensure your brand is seen in the most professional light, even in the small things.

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Want to learn more about this feature before you use it? Check out a step-by-step walkthrough in our Help Center.