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FEATURE: Quickly Organize Your Contacts With Tags and Smart List


Sometimes the way you organize Contacts is a matter of visual preference. If you need a way to quickly organize your Contacts in your dashboard, it’s now available!

We recently completed two new features for Contacts in the Rechat web app. This update allows you to filter by Tags and Smart List while using Board View.

Here are the details:

Tags: This option allows you to filter your Contacts by individual tags. Any Contacts with your selected tag will be shown on the boards.

Lists: You can also set multiple filters and save them as a list to use in your Contact boards. You are able to utilize these filters and tags to organize any Contact to display them on the boards.

Agent Use Case

Set up your Contacts dashboard how you prefer it. Use the Table view for a clean vertical list of contacts, or use the Board view to move Contacts from warm to hot and vice versa.

This group of features helps you efficiently organize who you need to reach out to and why. Instead of sending generalized messages to large groups of Contacts, send the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Want to know more about how to use these features? Learn it all in our step-by-step walkthrough in the Help Center.