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FEATURE: Search In Multiple Zip Codes On Our iOS App

ESTIMATED TIME FEATURE SAVES: 5 minutes or more per search

If you’ve enjoyed being able to find multiple listings quickly on our web app, we have even better news. Now you can search in multiple zip codes on our iOS app, too!

The latest version of the Rechat iOS app includes searching for listings in more than one zip code at once. You can see matched MLS listings within your selected zip codes on the Map in the Properties tab.

Simply tap on the Properties tab, tap on Search, and enter multiple zip codes separated by a comma. Tap Save and all available Properties in those areas will show up on the Map.

Agent Use Case

Search for new listings in seconds while you’re in the field. You no longer need to wait until you’re back in the office to find more prospecting opportunities. Compare properties more effectively and in less time.

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