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FEATURE: Search In Multiple Zip Codes Simultaneously


Looking for a faster way to find properties in more than one zip code? One of our latest features makes it possible.

The Properties page on the Rechat web app now lets you search in multiple zip codes simultaneously. Any valid MLS listings within the zip codes you select will display on the Map and Listings list.

Follow Up On Shared Listings In Chat

This update also lets you discuss listings with coworkers. Once you’ve shared a listing on the Properties page, the web app chat window will automatically pop up.

From that point, you can send messages to other agents and upload files to your chats. This makes it simpler to get relevant information to the right agent faster about specific listings.

Agent Use Case

Find more listings across a broader geographic area in less time. Consolidate your listing search efforts and get results in seconds.

Brokerage Use Case

Send more listings to more of your team with less time. Instead of searching individual zip codes, do a bulk search and quickly send out new listings. Empower your team to become more efficient.

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Ready to learn more about this feature? Find a step-by-step walkthrough on it in our Help Center.