Automated Emails in Rechat
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FEATURE: Send Automated Emails Based On Key Life Anniversaries

ESTIMATED TIME FEATURE SAVES: 5 to 15 minutes per use

Are you excited about upcoming client anniversaries? Do you want to be able to send automated emails based on key life anniversaries? Our latest feature puts this power right in the palm of your hand.

You can now assign birthdays, weddings, and home anniversaries for all of your Contacts in the Rechat web app. To access this feature, first log into your Rechat web account. Then click on your name in the bottom left-hand corner, click on Account Settings, and then click on the Triggers tab.

From that page, you can begin setting up one or more Contacts’ birthday, wedding, or home buying anniversaries. You can also customize the layout and subject line for your automatic emails.

When in the Contacts section of your dashboard, if you’re setting a manual Touch Date but haven’t used an automatic anniversary email yet, you’ll see a new green banner show up. Clicking on that banner will take you to the Triggers tab in Account Settings to start using this feature.

Agent Use Case

Foster strong relationships with your clients by sending out automated emails for key life events. Instead of going through the effort of remembering each anniversary manually, simply plug in the date for a future email. Impress your past buyers and sellers by how invested you are in their happiness.

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Want to put this feature to use, but have a few more questions first? See a detailed walkthrough for it in our Help Center.