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FEATURE: Share Multimedia Files With Your Team


Need a simple way to share multimedia files with your team, or another team in the same brokerage? The Rechat web app now lets you do so with a few clicks.

As an admin, you can now upload JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, and GIF files to your Marketing Center team library to share them with other teams’ agents.

After these steps are completed, your file(s) will be available in the Marketing Center for each respective agent. Agents can also download and share the files through text message or links.

Agent Use Case

You can use this feature to quickly and easily send files to your coworkers. It’s just like uploading files to any other cloud storage service, but now you don’t need to use other software! You can share files without extra tools.

Brokerage Use Case

Brokerages can use this feature to share important files with each agent. If a holiday, promotion, or other special event is coming up, admins don’t need to share related files via email anymore. Simply use this new feature in the Marketing Center.

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Eager to try out this feature? Find the complete overview in our Help Center.