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Introducing Rechat on the Go: 5-Minute Training Sessions!

The Rechat customer success training team is excited to announce their new training initiative, Rechat on the Go. These video training sessions are five minutes or less, and aim to highlight the mobile-first aspect of Rechat. The Rechat Super App is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

“We designed these to be short, digestible content where agents can literally watch them on-the go,” said Rechat Customer Success Trainer Kayla Simonzi, who hosts the video series. “It’s meant to help agents do those quick things in Rechat, like adding a contact or logging call and text activity.”

Lead Customer Success Trainer Thomas Flinn added that Rechat on the Go offers a practical approach to teaching, because agents are busy, and as a result, have shorter attention spans. While most of the full-length Rechat training workshops are already brief at 30 minutes or less, Rechat on the Go attacks learning in bite-sized chunks, but with big impact.

“Let’s scrap the fluff and get down to the meat and potatoes,” Flinn said. “They’re busy, and we recognize that.”

Current videos include topics such as Social Posts on the Go, using the Digital Business Card feature, and Managing Contacts. The Rechat on the Go series is starting with the iOS app, and is coming soon for Android.

You can view the full library of videos currently available here, and it will be expanded to 25 videos by the start of January 2024.