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NEW ADMIN FEATURE: Private Document Management

Admins Private Documents Management

Our latest update on the Admins’ Deals page includes an option that lets Admins make confidential forms private in the listing Checklist.

This feature offers Admins an efficient way to securely share sensitive information. For example, commission forms can be shared with the other admins in the accounting department without agents having access to them.

As an Admin, you can find the new Manage Access option in the drop-down menu in front of each Checklist task to specify whether agents can have access to that document or not.

Once you uncheck the Agents option in the Manage Access modal, the Private label appears on that form. Also, all activities involving Chatroom information and update notifications will be visible to Admins only.

Note, when sharing something with the agents on a given deal, it’s shared with just the primary and Co-Agents (if any) that are added to the deal.


The Rechat Team

Private Documents in Deals

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