New Features

RELEASE: Brand New iOS App Design

ESTIMATED TIME FEATURE SAVES: Various amounts of time, depending on how often the app is used

Do you love the Rechat iOS app, but want a better interface? Looking for an enhanced experience of the real estate platform you know and love?

Our iOS app now has a brand new look and feel! Take a look below:


As you can see, our iOS app is more user-friendly than ever. This newest version of the app provides you with an effective Today tab and structured categories to access your favorite Rechat uses.

You can now access all of these features in the Today tab:

  • Your profile, Agent accounts Team Switcher, and your in-app frequently used services.
  • Your Daily Agenda, Upcoming Celebrations, and Listings promotional tools.
  • Rechat support team.

We also moved the More and Contacts tabs to the Transactions and People tabs so you can manage your transactions more easily. The new in-app organizational structure is as follows:

People: Contacts, Chats, Calendar, Email, and Flows.

Transactions: Deals and Showings.

Agent Use Case

Make use of all your favorite Rechat features more easily. Enjoy all of Rechat’s powerful capabilities on the go or wherever you find yourself getting work done. Organize contacts, deliver messages, and find the info you need faster.

Brokerage Use Case

Monitor your teams’ progress on the go or whenever you need to. Switch teams, send emails, and update information with a few taps.

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Want to see even more awesome features we’ve released? Find them all in our Help Center, where we offer detailed walkthroughs of all the improvements we make to Rechat.