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What’s New: Rechat Features Update

Rechat is committed to product development and evolution, as boldy demonstrated with the 2023 launch of Lucy, Rechat’s innovative AI-powered copilot for agents. But Rechat also is constantly making improvements to the Super App to make it easier to use and provide better functionality for agents and brokers.

Here are Rechat’s three latest feature releases: email quota tracker, simplified marketing navigation and multi-factor authentication security.

Email Quota Tracker
Email marketing is a critical tool for any agent, and Rechat’s newest feature allows members to see how many emails they have used from their monthly quota and how many are remaining. It also allows members to increase their email quota, if needed, with the click of a button. Learn more in Rechat’s Help Center and watch his video

Simplified Marketing Navigation
Another new feature makes it easier for members to find the perfect marketing template. In the Marketing Center, when members hover over a category like Celebrations, Holidays, Newsletters or Properties, they will see a dropdown that offers sub-categories. For example, under Properties, the dropdown will show template choices like “Just Listed” or “Coming Soon.” After selecting a sub-category, all available templates in that category will be displayed, regardless if it’s for email, social, print or stories. Templates can be filtered further to display all the social templates, for example, or all the email templates in that sub-category. Learn more in Rechat’s Help Center and watch this video:

Multi-factor Authentication
Members may now use a Multi-factor Authentication feature, or MFA, to further secure their Rechat account. An MFA adds an extra layer of protection to a member’s Rechat account by requiring more than just a password. Members can use any MFA application on their device and then activate the MFA feature in their Rechat account, found under settings. Learn more in Rechat’s Help Center and watch this video