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Best Time To Sell A House: When to Sell In 12+ Locations

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Selling homes is often an intense process that can take months from start to finish. There’s also money exchanging hands at every stage, and as such it’s not surprising that agents and sellers want to maximize profit.

To achieve the best sale price, you should list new properties at optimal times. While most regions in the United States have the same peak sales periods, there are a few that may surprise you. 

We researched the best time to sell a house in over a dozen locations throughout the US and Canada. Whether you’re a real estate agent mastering the basics or a homeowner ready to sell, this blog post has the insights you need. Let’s dive in. 

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Best And Worst Time to Sell A House

The best time to sell a house is in spring to early summer. The worst time to sell a house is during winter or late summer. Let’s look at the reasons for these in detail.

Listing a home for sale in late spring is ideal for several reasons. One, it beats the summer buyer rush. Most people don’t start looking for a new place to live until the last few days in May and first days in June. This is when demand, but also competition, is at its highest. By listing yours ahead of the rush, your home is more likely to get noticed. 

Two, you’re more likely to finish the process sooner. From start to finish, a home sale can take anywhere from two weeks to three months–sometimes longer.

Selling a house includes learning how to get a home appraisal, a comparative market analysis, and knowing how to find a good real estate agent. The earlier your listing goes up, the sooner buyers will make offers, and this brings you much closer to a sale.

The worst times to sell also have their reasons. One, few people enjoy being outside for long periods during the winter. Moving your house means a lot of physical activity, and this is difficult in cold temperatures. Sticking with spring and summer attracts more open house guests and showings prospects.

Two, it’s difficult to make homes look their best in winter. A key part of selling homes is capturing phenomenal photos and videos. This is easiest done when the sun is out and there isn’t snow or leaves obscuring the exterior. 

Best Time To Sell A House In 2022

The best time to sell a house in 2022 will likely be early May to late June. Buyers are already analyzing the housing market forecast for 2022, anticipating slightly lower prices and a little bit more inventory. 

While the US’ 2022 housing supply likely won’t change much from 2021, experts do anticipate decreased costs. As unemployment rates continue to drop and builders continue with plans from 2020 onward, buyers will want to see what’s available. If you’re a seller, start planning your sales process around April so you can be listed in May. 

Is Spring The Best Time To Sell A House?

Yes–spring is generally the best time of year to sell a house. Between April and June is when many homeowners develop interest in living elsewhere, whether for personal or professional reasons. 

Real estate markets vary based on regional job growth, cultural changes, local laws, buyer demand, and the real estate marketing ideas being used by agents. Let’s look at several popular US markets and the best times to get your listings up.

Best Time To Sell A House In Southern California

The first half of May is the best time to list a home for sale in southern California. This region includes Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Santa Barbara, and Long Beach, among other cities.

California is one of the busiest economic hubs in the United States, representing 14.8% of the entire country’s GDP. Real estate in California is no different, with about 50,000 homes sold per month on average.

By listing a property for sale early in May, you and your client will beat the rush of buyers that inevitably show up in late May and early June. There were about 439,200 home sales in California during 2020, so the earlier you list in May the better.

Best Time of Year To Sell A House In Ontario

Between March and May is considered the best time of year to sell a house in Ontario. Similarly to the United States, many Canadians are looking to move out in the springtime. Sometimes people are changing jobs; other times, they have been saving and are ready to start a new chapter of life.

The average home price in Ontario, Canada, is CA $593,890, which is 28.34% lower than the average Canadian home price of CA $790,000. Ontario is also Canada’s largest province by population and GDP, with over 14 million residents and CA $763.276 billion, respectively. 

Best Time To Sell A House In Phoenix

Late spring–between May and June–is the best time to sell a home in Phoenix, AZ. This is similar to home sale trends elsewhere in the US. Phoenix is also a little cooler during May to June, as opposed to July when the city averages a high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Phoenix, AZ, continues to see excellent year-over-year (YoY) real estate expansion as its economy and home sale prices grow. The average home in Phoenix sells for $403,500 lately without signs of slowing. It’s one of the top 10 real estate markets in the US and is a great region for new agents to launch their careers.

Best Time To Sell A House In New England

The best time to sell a house in New England is late May to early June. Different areas of New England experience slightly different peak times, but most of the best sale prices are seen during this period. 

Homes for sale in Massachusetts are on the market for an average of 14 days when sold in June. This is about twice as fast as the national average for homes listed in June. 

Best Time To Sell A House In Ohio

In Ohio state, the best time to sell a house is June. Early summer is when most people are interested in moving and it’s also when sellers achieve higher sale prices. The greater the demand, the higher your asking price can be. 

The best time to sell a house in Columbus, OH, is July. During this month, sellers close deals for an average of 7.52% higher than average list price. The next best months are June and May, when seasonal demand hasn’t yet peaked.

Best Time To Sell A House In Vancouver

The best time to sell your house in Vancouver, WA, is July, with August as a close second. August tends to be the warmest month in the area, but July generates peak buyer demand. 

The average sale price in July is 6.04% higher than home sales throughout the rest of the year, and 5.56% higher in August. Typical homes in Vancouver, WA, sell for $439,000–15.75% higher than the national average of $374,900. Home sale prices in Vancouver grew by 12.6% year-over-year (YoY) from 2020 to 2021, as it continues to be a desirable place to live. 

The best time to sell a house in Vancouver, BC, is from the end of February to June. Canada’s population is about ten times smaller than the United States’, so the sooner you get your property listed, the better.

This creates more exposure to buyers which helps sell a home before the end of summer. The typical home sale price in Vancouver, BC, is CA $1,270,000, which is about $992,416 in US dollars.

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Best Time To Sell A House In North Carolina

The best time to sell a house in North Carolina is from June to July. Sale prices range from $267,000 to $499,000, which is a 60.57% difference. 

Three of the most popular cities in North Carolina are Raleigh, Charlotte, and Cary. Raleigh is the capital of the state and offers numerous attractions for home buyers. The city’s relaxing atmosphere, thriving food and drink scene, robust employment opportunities, and comparatively low cost of living are just a few.

Best Time To Sell A House In Oklahoma

June is the best time to sell a house in Oklahoma. Homes listed between late May and early June sell 12 days faster than other times of the year. Oklahoma averages 88 degrees in June and 94 degrees during July, making them hot but great months to move to a new place.

The average home sale price in Oklahoma is only $268,000, which is 33.25% less than the national average. Buyers interested in a quiet Midwest life–or those who have a limited budget for their home purchase–find plenty of opportunity in Oklahoma. 

Best Time To Sell A House In Canada

The best time to sell a house in Canada is spring, followed by fall as the second best time. Spring is considered March through May, and fall is considered September through November.

The Canadian real estate market often mirrors that of the United States, as both countries are in North America and have relatively similar climates. Canadian homes are more expensive on average than US homes, but average salaries are also higher. 

Best Time To Sell A House In Colorado

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best time to sell a house in Colorado is late April through the end of June. Colorado–especially the Denver area–has long been a sought-after place to live. The state’s gorgeous landscapes, diverse work opportunities, and health-centered way of life has generated double-digit population growth in most counties for decades.

Boulder, CO, was also named the US’ best place to live in 2021. The city’s lush natural surroundings, rich employment prospects, and strong population growth support its ongoing real estate developments.

Best Time To Sell A House In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the best time to sell a house is during April. If you’re wondering why this is significantly earlier than the national average, there are several reasons for it. 

One, the demand for homes in LA is massive. LA is still the second largest US city by population, with close to four million residents. Though its population growth has slowed significantly over the last couple decades, it’s still a region millions of people want to live in. 

Two, LA’s standard of living has long been among the best. Remarkable weather, artistic career opportunities, and the unique food scene are deeply characteristic of LA. These two reasons alone push tens of thousands of people to consider moving to LA each year, which drives home demand and prices up. 

Selling in April beats the typical summer rush and prevents the selling process from carrying over into later months. It also helps you and your seller find a great list price that’s profitable, but not so high that you’ll lose buyer interest. 

Home prices in LA range from $550,000 to $925,000 on average, making it one of the most expensive markets in the US. The higher end is 84.64% pricier than the average home sale price in 2021.

Best Time To Sell A House In Orlando

Unlike most cities in the US, the best time to sell a house in Orlando is November. Home sellers in this region of Florida can expect profits about 4.98% higher than list price towards the end of the year.

Orlando, FL, temperatures average high 80s and low 90s throughout much of the year, and November is when temperatures start to cool down. This makes moving easier and simpler. 

The average home price in Orlando is about $325,000, which is surprisingly 14.26% lower than the national average. It’s the fourth largest city in Florida by population, meaning it has plenty of room for growth compared to the other three. This keeps its home sale prices down while still remaining competitive. 

Best Time To Sell A House In Washington State

May is the best time to sell a house in Washington state. This is before most buyers have started looking for a new home and when temperatures are warming up a bit. Homes listed in May are sold about 12 days faster and for roughly $18,000 more than homes listed in other months. 

Washington is known for Seattle but also its booming tech scene, world-class coffee, outdoor activities, and beautiful homes. The average home in Washington state sells for around $549,950, which is 37.85% higher than the national average. 

What Is The Best Time To Sell A House Overall?

The best time to sell a house in general is from late May to late July. Listing a property during this period captures the maximum number of buyers and the highest sale price. 

Late spring to mid summer sees the hottest average temperatures across most regions in North America. This is when people have the easiest time moving, as heavy rain and snow aren’t present. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Time To Sell A House

Whether you’ve been utilizing relationship selling for one year or 10 years, it’s no surprise that today’s market is unpredictable. Timing your listing is part of success, but this differs based on where you’re selling and who you’re selling to. 

We looked up the most frequently asked questions about the best time to sell homes. Take a look at the questions and our answers here:

What Is The Best Month To Sell A House?

By and large, the best month to sell a house is June. Summer is when most people are interested in the idea of moving, which pushes the demand for housing up.  

It’s best to start the selling process in late April or May, however, so your property is listed before everyone else does the same. Successful home sales are a product of great pricing, phenomenal photos and videos, and being early to market. If you don’t have enough listings heading into spring, read up on the 6 secrets to getting a real estate listing every day.

Why Is Spring The Best Time To Sell A House?

Spring is a great time to sell your house for a few reasons: 

  • Weather in most areas is conducive to moving. Not fond of the idea of moving when it’s cold out? You’re far from alone. Families love moving during spring and summer because it allows time before upcoming school years and business projects. Individuals enjoy moving during these seasons too as it’s typically easier to enlist help from family and friends. 
  • You’re ahead of the summer rush. Prospective buyers start looking for homes in June, but this is also when thousands of other listings are available. If you want to proactively reach buyers, starting in May can do a world of good. It also provides more time to finish upgrades for your home or get new photos if necessary. Acting on early feedback can be the difference between your home flying under the radar versus getting several offers. 
  • Photos and videos are much easier to get. Though leaves and snow make for beautiful seasonal landscapes, they make staging and home photography more difficult. Getting drone videography and interior photos is best when there’s enough sunlight out and you can move objects around at a moment’s notice.  

What Is The Best Time To Sell A House With A Pool?

The best time to sell a house with a pool is in the summer. While this may be a no-brainer, there are subtle elements of this approach too. 

Summer is when most buyers are interested in homes, but it’s also when they’re thinking about pools and swimming. Keeping your pool in excellent condition can increase your home’s value and later your sale price.

Summer is also when people enjoy entertaining and continue doing so throughout the fall. Poolside relaxation is a favorite activity for many and it’s a great way to showcase what your home is capable of. By leveraging this part of your home during warm months, prospects will have greater interest when it matters most.

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Going, Going, Gone

Selling your clients’ homes at the right time is part of building your business reputation. By knowing peak selling seasons in key markets, you’ll become more experienced and capable of delivering great results. 

It will also increase your confidence, which comes out naturally in conversations with sellers. Use this blog post as a launch pad, but remember to keep reading about the best times to sell homes in your target region.

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