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Maximizing Open House Success: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Maryam Gates, REALTOR® with 8z Real Estate in Boulder, CO

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Hosting an open house remains a cornerstone strategy for agents keen on showcasing a property to potential buyers, as well as capturing new leads. However, the traditional approach to organizing these events is undergoing a transformation, thanks to innovative tools like Rechat.

Maryam Gates, a real estate agent with 8z Real Estate in Denver, CO, shares her experience using Rechat’s Open House tool, shedding light on how technology can streamline and enhance the open house process. Watch a short video here to see how it works or watch the full On-Demand Rechat Workshop for Open Houses.

A New Approach to Preparation

Gone are the days when preparing for an open house meant spending hours with design tools and MLS listing info to create the perfect flyer. Gates was thrilled to skip this step when she discovered the ease of Rechat’s open house templates, dramatically reducing her preparation time.

“I picked my template, searched the property address and BOOM! Done. It took maybe one minute,” Gates explained. “I had a beautiful, professional flyer with all of the home info, and my contact info ready to print. What a time saver!! And almost no effort on my part.”

Seamless Visitor Registration

The day of the open house is often hectic, with the goal to make a lasting impression on visitors. Rechat’s registration page feature offered Gates a professional and efficient solution. By setting up an iPad with the Rechat app for guests to sign in, she was able to instantly capture visitor information.

“I have an attached keyboard to make signing in easy and set the iPad on a kitchen table in the home,” she said. “I had my first guest sign in and peeked on the app on my phone to see their info added right onto the home screen under Today’s Agenda where my open house is scheduled!” 

Follow-Up is Key

Gates said in the past, after an open house she would manually import visitor info into her CRM from the Google Sheet sign-in document. Now, that step is completely removed from her process, because Rechat’s open house tool adds all the visitors from the registration page directly into her CRM. This automation allows for immediate follow-up communication, a critical step in nurturing potential leads. Gates appreciates the streamlined process.

“I love that if they don’t add a REALTOR® when signing in, it automatically tags them as a lead,” she explained. “This has really made my open house flow so much easier and quicker!”

Looking Ahead

With Rechat, Gates is not only redefining her open house strategy but also exploring new features like the agent website feature, anticipating even greater engagement with potential clients through digital platforms. Her story is a testament to the power of integrating technology with traditional real estate practices, creating a more efficient, effective, and engaging open house experience.

“Overall, I’m so pleased with Rechat so far and looking forward to watching my business flourish with it!” she said.

The evolution of open houses from purely physical events to digitally enhanced experiences represents a significant shift in the real estate industry. Tools like Rechat are at the forefront of this change, offering real estate professionals like Gates the ability to save time, engage more effectively with potential buyers, and streamline their workflows. As the industry continues to embrace technology, the potential for growth and efficiency in hosting open houses is boundless.

WATCH the On-Demand Rechat Workshop for Open Houses

BEST TIPS for Open Houses

1. Pre-Open House Preparation

Staging the Property: Ensure the property looks its best. This involves decluttering, deep cleaning, making minor repairs, and possibly hiring a professional stager. The goal is to help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space.

Marketing the Event: Leverage multiple channels to promote your open house. This includes listing services, social media, email campaigns, and attractive signage in the neighborhood. High-quality photos and a compelling description are crucial.

2. Leverage Technology

Virtual Tours: In addition to the physical open house, offer a virtual tour option. This can extend the reach to potential buyers who couldn’t attend in person.

Feedback Collection: Use digital tools like Rechat’s open house tool to collect feedback from visitors. This can provide valuable insights into how the property is perceived and what can be improved.

3. Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

First Impressions Count: From the moment potential buyers walk in, make them feel welcome. Light refreshments, soft background music, and a pleasant aroma can enhance the atmosphere.

Information at Hand: Have printed materials available, such as detailed property descriptions, financing options, and community information. This not only adds value but also serves as a tangible reminder of the property. Rechat’s open house tool has templates to help agents create flyers quickly.

4. Engage and Connect

Greet Every Visitor: Personal interaction is key. A warm greeting and a brief tour can make visitors feel valued and open up opportunities for conversation.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions: Know the property and the surrounding area inside out. Be ready to discuss everything from property taxes and utility costs to local schools and community amenities.

5. Follow-Up Strategy

Collect Contact Information: Encourage visitors to sign in and provide their contact information. This can be done via a guestbook or a digital sign-in sheet, or by using Rechat’s open house tool.

Personalized Follow-Up: After the open house, reach out personally to attendees with a thank you message, additional information, or answers to questions they may have raised. This helps in building a connection and can keep the property top of mind.

6. Safety and Security

Protect the Property: Ensure valuables are secured or removed, and establish a clear pathway through the home to avoid accidents.

Buddy System: Whenever possible, work with a colleague or assistant during the open house. Having another person on-site not only enhances security but also provides support in managing visitors and answering questions.

COVID-19 Considerations: If relevant, provide hand sanitizer, enforce social distancing, and follow local health guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

7. Analyzing the Outcome

Review and Adapt: After the open house, review what worked well and what could be improved. Use this feedback to refine your approach for future open houses.