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Mastering ChatGPT for Real Estate: Crafting Compelling Property Descriptions

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By now, most real estate professionals have heard about AI-powered ChatGPT, and how it can help them create content. But as with all new technology – particularly when it’s still in development – it can be frustrating to figure out how to get it to do exactly what you want.

ChatGPT isn’t a magic wand; it’s a powerful AI tool anyone can learn to use with a little patience. We’ll be taking bite-sized real estate topics apart in this series of blog posts, helping you get a better understanding of how to use ChatGPT to your advantage, without ripping your hair out along the way. 

Read on for a quick understanding of how to use ChatGPT for real estate; helping write listing descriptions for the MLS, property website, flyers and other marketing materials.

For the following examples, we are going to use the free version, ChatGPT-3.5, which is accessible to everyone. If you have GPT-4.0 ($20 per month), you’ll likely get even better results.

Clarify Expectations

First, a reality check about what ChatGPT 3.5 can and cannot do as you craft your listing description – these may surprise you!

  1. Despite what you may have read, ChatGPT-3.5 does not have the capacity to give an accurate word count or character count. AI doesn’t have a precise understanding of these terms in relation to length. What it considers “short” or “long” may not line up with your expectations.

    : Ask for a specific number of paragraphs or sentences as a more effective way to guide the length of the output. For example, ask for “a three-paragraph property description” or “a two-sentence summary of the property’s key features.” If you want more, ask for it to expand on a specific area, or add another paragraph, sentence or section – depending on what you need.
  2. Another critical point to keep in mind is that GPT-3.5 cannot access real-time data or pull information from databases or the internet. GPT-3.5 generates responses based on the data it was trained on and does not have the ability to access or retrieve personal data unless it has been shared in the course of the conversation. In other words, entering a property address will not magically generate a listing description.

    : Provide the basic information about your property, like number of bedrooms, location, style of house, views, special features, etc. and then ask it to write the description. The key is to provide enough context and detail in the prompt to guide the AI towards the desired output. We’ll give you plenty of ideas to help you later in the post.
  3. Lastly, while AI can generate impressive results, it’s not perfect. For example, when adding an address of a property as part of the input for a listing description (123 Ocean Drive), GPT-3.5 generated a description that indicated the property had an ocean view, extrapolating from the street name, which was not accurate.

    : Carefully review and edit the AI-generated descriptions to ensure they accurately represent the property.

Begin with the Basics

Creating your first successful ChatGPT prompt is much easier when you focus on a specific task, which in this case is a property listing description. The prompt, in this case, is like a list of ingredients. You’ll provide these ingredients to ChatGPT and it figures out the recipe and bakes the cake – or listing description – for you.

First, include the basics: bedrooms, bathrooms, other rooms (game room, loft, etc.), number of stories, square footage, number of garage/parking spaces, outdoor features (pool, spa, fire pit, outdoor kitchen), community features (pool, gated access, playground). You do not need to get fancy about presenting this information: A list is just fine.

At this stage, even if you only entered the most basic information, ChatGPT-3.5 can generate a compelling and comprehensive listing description for you – give it a try.

But while it might be tempting to stop there, please don’t: The next step is where the magic happens!

Provide Descriptive Words

You can help generate substantially better output by using vocabulary that makes your property distinctive. By doing this, you’re adding more “ingredients” to help ChatGPT create a richer result. Here are some examples to get you started, and use as many as apply!

  • Property Type: ‘Bungalow’, ‘condominium’, ‘duplex’, ‘townhouse’, ‘loft’, ‘cottage’, ‘ranch’, ‘penthouse’, ‘villa’, etc.
  • Condition and Style: ‘Renovated’, ‘custom’, ‘historic’, ‘modern’, ‘luxurious’, ‘charming’, ‘rustic’, ‘turnkey’, ‘well-maintained’, ‘state-of-the-art’, ‘sleek’, ‘cozy’, etc.
  • Condition – Work is Needed: ‘Fixer-upper’, ‘investor special’, ‘renovation opportunity’, ‘needs TLC’, ‘untapped potential’, ‘contractor’s delight’, ‘opportunity to customize’, etc.
  • Highlighting Features: ‘Hardwood floors’, ‘granite countertops’, ‘stainless steel appliances’, ‘open concept’, ‘natural light’, ‘walk-in closet’, ‘en suite bathroom’, ‘home office’, ‘finished basement’, ‘private elevator’, ‘panoramic views’, etc.
  • Location: ‘Centrally located’, ‘quiet neighborhood’, ‘walking distance to’, ‘close to amenities’, ‘easy access to’, ‘picturesque’, ‘secluded’, ‘waterfront’, ‘mountain views’, ‘in the heart of’, etc.
  • Sense of Urgency: ‘Sought-after’, ‘rare opportunity’, ‘won’t last long’, ‘move-in ready’, ‘priced to sell’, ‘exclusive’, ‘must-see’, etc.
  • Outdoor Spaces: ‘Landscaped garden’, ‘private backyard’, ‘patio’, ‘deck’, ‘balcony’, ‘rooftop terrace’, ‘outdoor kitchen’, ‘pool’, ‘fenced yard’, ‘garden shed’, etc.
  • Architecture and Design: ‘Victorian’, ‘mid-century’, ‘Art Deco’, ‘Tudor’, ‘Colonial’, ‘craftsman’, ‘Mediterranean’, ‘contemporary’, ‘minimalist’, ‘industrial’, ‘Scandinavian’, etc.
  • Unique Features: ‘Chef’s kitchen’, ‘spa-like bathroom’, ‘vaulted ceilings’, ‘exposed brick’, ‘bay windows’, ‘skylights’, ‘French doors’, ‘built-in bookcases’, ‘fireplace’, ‘wine cellar’, etc.
  • Atmosphere: ‘Inviting’, ‘airy’, ‘spacious’, ‘intimate’, ‘sun-drenched’, ‘tranquil’, ‘serene’, ‘warm’, ‘welcoming’, ‘sophisticated’, etc.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: ‘Solar panels’, ‘energy-efficient appliances’, ‘double-paned windows’, ‘LED lighting’, ‘low-flow fixtures’, ‘insulated’, ‘sustainable materials’, ‘green building’, etc.
  • Community: ‘Family-friendly’, ‘vibrant’, ‘gated community’, ‘pet-friendly’, ‘active community’, ‘peaceful’, ‘safe’, ‘well-established’, ‘close-knit’, etc.
  • Proximity to Amenities: ‘Steps away from’, ‘short drive to’, ‘near top-rated schools’, ‘close to shopping and dining’, ‘near public transportation’, ‘easy commute to’, ‘near parks and recreation’, etc.
  • Views and Surroundings: ‘Ocean view’, ‘mountain vista’, ‘city skyline’, ‘garden view’, ‘forest view’, ‘lakefront’, ‘river view’, ‘overlooking’, ‘sunset views’, etc.

Add these terms to the basics of the property, and you’ll give ChatGPT the ingredients to build an top-notch property description.

Generate Your Property Description

Next, armed with a variety of vocabulary about your listing, you are ready to input your request into GPT-3.5. Simply ask it to “create a property description for ….” and add the list of property basics and descriptive words you have compiled. You can write it in a sentence, or just provide a list of words and phrases you’ve compiled. You can also add input for the type of tone you would like the description to be written in, but this is just as easy to do this after receiving the initial output, and see what you might want changed. Then, if needed, ask it to write more formally, or casually. You can continue to fine-tune your listing by making additional requests, as needed. 

Check the output and ensure everything is accurate, making corrections where needed. Copy and paste it into a document and save it, but we’re not done quite yet!

Create Versions

Now that you have a fantastic listing description, it’s time to think about all the places you plan to use it. For example, maybe you need a longer version for a property website, or for a flyer you’ll print for open houses. Or perhaps the MLS requires a shorter version. You can ask ChatGPT-3.5 to adjust what you have, and create shorter and longer versions, as needed. You could also ask it to expand on a specific part of the listing, for example, if you wanted to have a version that highlighted outdoor spaces. You could ask it to add an extra paragraph, or move that information to the beginning of the listing.

Key Insights

Using ChatGPT-3.5 for a small task like a property listing description offers agents and brokers the opportunity to “get their feet wet” using this tool. After entering key property facts and asking a question or two, the rewards are nearly instantaneous – and extremely gratifying!

  • Maintain realistic expectations: ChatGPT can’t create a listing description from an address, and will produce better output when you provide detailed input.
  • Provide Property Basics: ChatGPT 3.5 can create a listing description with even bare-bones property information.
  • Layer on Details: Add descriptive words and phrases that apply to the property, such as its location, style and condition, for a more comprehensive description.
  • Edit and Adapt: Use GPT-3.5 to create various lengths and versions of your property description.

With a little effort and understanding, agents and brokers can create standout property descriptions that connect with potential buyers. Learn the technology first, and then leverage it to your advantage to build your business.