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Rechat Highlights of 2021

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The last two years brought unprecedented challenges for the real estate industry. Once COVID-19 struck the US in March 2020, sales and in-person showings decreased by 30-40% in many areas.

In the midst of such changes, agents and brokers were adapting like never before. Thanks to drone photography and virtual tours, consumers were able to get lifelike showing experiences without visiting properties. Technology like virtual home inspections and AI document processing have begun shaping the real estate landscape, as well. 

In addition to these trends, Rechat took on several of our own challenges and produced successful results. Keep reading for the details.

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Product Improvements

In 2021 we expanded geographically from parts of Texas to nearly all of the United States. Some of the new regions include Hamptons, New York City, Brooklyn, Massachusetts, Westchester, and Connecticut. 

Our CRM and marketing tools are also now available globally. Rechat’s MLS integration is available throughout the United States and we’re continuing to improve this feature as we head into 2022. 

Rechat’s engineering team completed 15 new MLS integrations during Q3. This is a valuable feature as it helps continue offering world-class service at excellent rates. 

As we look to 2022, we’re working on several new products centered on scale, automation, and broker tools. These new capabilities will enhance Rechat’s marketing offerings and help industry professionals become best in class.


Rechat’s relationship with Douglas Elliman continues to thrive as we continue to work closely with them. We expanded into new regions, built new integrations, and worked on introducing new revenue streams alongside them in Q3. Rechat is also launching a new program called Concierge with the Eklund Gomes team in January. 

Staff Expansion and Development

2021 was a year of growing staff numbers, too. Rechat made two key hires for branding and marketing and grew our headcount by 40.5% to 51 staff overall. Our teams continue collaborating on initiatives, developing projects, and inspiring the best in each other. 

Company-Wide Accomplishments

Work doesn’t need to be all business, all the time, does it? Thankfully no, and at Rechat we like to keep things engaging. We won second place nationally for Showingapp in a Hackathon hosted by the largest MLSs in the nation. The companies included MRED, Bright MLS, and CRMLS and took place in October 2021. 

Rechat also began working with our offshore company in Latin America and hired two support reps during Q3. Feedback on the new reps has been positive and they continue adding value to Rechat’s growth. The two new Latin America hires reduced our support rep costs by more than 50%.

Sales Team Developments

In Q2 of 2021, we implemented a new sales outreach campaign based on our research which resulted in excellent enterprise prospects. We’re continuing to develop additional products and services to improve client satisfaction and boost revenue.

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That Was 2021; Here’s To 2022

There’s no doubt 2021 brought challenges, but at Rechat we’re thankful for them. The changes we faced this year gave us fresh opportunities to solve both new and old problems. 

We’re looking forward to making Rechat even easier and more powerful to use in 2022. We’re also going to grow our content marketing efforts, launch full-scale training programs, and bring our clients best-in-class service. Here’s to next year and your success!

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