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Best Email Templates for Real Estate Agents

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When learning how to market yourself as a realtor, the right email marketing tips take you from average to extraordinary. And as important as subject lines are, your email body copy also needs to be effective. That’s where email templates for real estate agents come in.

The tricky aspect here is that body copy recommendations vary based on your objective. What you want to achieve guides what you should say and how to say it.

Here are a few basic categories of email: 

  • Newsletter
  • Follow up
  • Invitation 
  • List scrubbing
  • Sale or new listing announcement

Let’s look at how to structure your email templates for each category above. You can always tweak the language to suit your brand, but these will get you started. 

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Newsletter Email Template

Bear in mind that email newsletters can be as long or short as you want them to be. There’s no set “formula” for newsletters other than the fact that they should be personal and one of multiple real estate marketing ideas you use. 

Here’s a simple template you can use: 


Here’s what’s going on in my world for the week of [date here]!

[Section for new listings] — Display your newest listings here, which can include price, bath/bed count, and other basic info. 

[Section for upcoming events or new places in town] — This section showcases your knowledge for the area and gives readers a reason to trust you. When you’re informed about not just properties but what’s going on in the town, you become an expert by association. 

[Brief section about what you’re into lately] — Use this section to share a little bit of your world with subscribers. Been watching a TV show or checked out a restaurant that you loved? Let your readers know. It’s a way to build rapport without coming across as a know-it-all. It may also be a conversation starter that could prompt someone to ask you about a listing.

I hope you’re having an amazing week! If you have any questions I can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out.


[Your name]

Follow Up Email Template

The follow up email is still one of the most useful types. When used well, your follow up email template keeps your prospects engaged and prompts them for an answer.

Here’s a follow up email template to client that you can test: 

“Hey [name],

Thank you for meeting with me, I enjoyed our conversation. 

When you’re ready to book a walkthrough of the property, pick a time that works for you on my calendar [LINK TO CALENDAR].

Feel free to reach out with questions you may have at any time. Have a great week!


[Your name]”

Invitation Email Template

Invitation emails are some of the most exciting to receive, and sending great invitations is one component of relationship selling. If your email includes the right kind of info, people will be thrilled to attend. 

The template below contains the essentials for an invitation email: 

“Hi [name], 

On [date here] I’m holding a/n [type of event] that you’re invited to! Details below: 

[Put an event image here]

[In this section, include date and time, location, dress code if relevant, and other useful information]

It’s going to be an awesome time–hope to see you there! 


[Your name]”

List Scrubbing Email Template

List scrubbing refers to any effort designed to remove inactive subscribers from your list. It shouldn’t be overdone, but it’s smart to do every few months. This keeps your list engaged and will naturally boost your open and clickthrough rates. 

You can use a template like this: 


I noticed you haven’t been opening my emails as often. It got me wondering: is everything alright? 

Whether it’s the emails I’m sending, the frequency, or something else, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Simply reply to this email and I’ll read it as soon as I’m able. 

If the time has come to part ways, no hard feelings. All you need to do is click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. 

To your success,

[Your name]”

This template contains everything an email like this needs. It’s written in clear, friendly language so your reader won’t take anything personally. It’s brief so it doesn’t make you sound defensive or lacking in confidence.

It also offers a way out if your subscriber truly doesn’t want your emails anymore. Most importantly, it includes the opportunity for readers to send feedback. People appreciate knowing that you take feedback into account, and by compiling feedback, you’ll be sending more effective emails in short order. 

New Property Announcement Email Template

One of the easiest emails to send is a new property announcement. You’re pumped because you have a brand new listing, and your readers will be excited to check it out. 

It’s smart to include a call to action in all your emails to subscribers–even if it’s small and even if they’ve heard it before. Here’s a template for this kind of communication: 


I just got X new properties and now is the perfect time to check them out! Take a look below: 

[Add listing photos here; ensure they’re large and high resolution]

If you’d like to schedule a walkthrough or have any questions, book a time on my calendar here [LINK TO YOUR CALENDAR]. 


[Your name]”

If it’s been a while since you’ve been able to notify subscribers about new properties, consider a new approach. Our 6 secrets to getting a real estate listing every day is the only guide you need to break through.

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Acing The Email Game

Getting your email body copy right is one aspect of learning how to master content marketing. Once you have a few emails under your belt and know what types resonate with your audience best, keep sending those types of emails to them.

Love these email templates for real estate agents? Review all of our best practices for using them in our ultimate guide to email marketing, and download comprehensive email marketing insights in our Following Up Through Email guide.

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