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Why Master Content Marketing As An Agent Now?

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When you hear the phrase “content marketing,” what comes to mind? Do you imagine a 20-something hunched over their laptop, churning out blog posts and podcast episodes? Do you imagine a professionally dressed person shooting videos on location? Perhaps both of these? 

If so, you’re right–and that’s what makes content marketing so fascinating. It’s an activity you can do with fancy camera gear if you have it, or your laptop and a website. But why master content marketing as an agent now? Why is it one of the many real estate marketing ideas you should employ? 

Content marketing has become an essential means by which to drive discovery for your brand. It’s an affordable, scalable, and relevant way to get the word out about your business. Keep reading to find out why it’s vital to master content marketing as an agent. 

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Content Marketing Is Effective

The first reason you need to master content marketing as an agent is because it’s effective. Ads are everywhere, and 91% of consumers say ads have become more intrusive than they were just half a decade ago. 

On the flipside, people love consuming content and often seek it out. US adults spend a shocking 12.5 hours consuming media per day. This includes watching videos, listening to audio, and about two hours of browsing content online. 

Businesses using content marketing enjoy significant benefits, too. Websites that publish content on a regular basis (i.e. at least once a month) get 55% more traffic and 97% more backlinks than those that don’t. 

A little less than half of home buyers start their search for a new house online. This means you need an online brand, which can be fueled by real estate branding ideas and content marketing.

If your online presence isn’t strong, your prospects are learning how to find a good real estate agent who isn’t you. They’re also trusting them with their comparative market analysis.

In a nutshell, people want content to consume–not a message pushed at them. Too strong an emphasis on ads and not on content is one of the top 10 reasons web users abandon websites. Your website should display relevant content that’s engaging, easy to find, and simple to read. 

Content Marketing Is Easy to Learn

The second reason to master content marketing is because it’s easy to learn. If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, know where to find quality images, and have a website, those are the essentials. 

It’s understandable that you may feel intimidated by the quality of other agents’ and businesses’ content. A brand that has been churning out high quality blog posts for three years is going to look fantastic next to a company that has just started. 

While this stops some people from ever beginning, don’t let that happen to you. Content marketing–specifically blogging–is straightforward and you can see results within just a few weeks. 

Get started by making a list of content topics you want to write about. If you’re having trouble coming up with topics, prompt yourself with the following questions: 

  • What questions do I often get from prospects and clients?
  • What is everyone in my industry talking about lately? 
  • What are my favorite ways of building trust with clients?
  • What am I passionate about and love talking about? 
  • What do I see in the housing market forecast, for this year or beyond?
  • What kinds of PropTech are poised to disrupt the industry soon?
  • What are the topics in my industry that everyone else is afraid to discuss? 
  • What kinds of relationship selling techniques are unconventional, yet highly effective?

You don’t need to use all of these prompts all of the time. They’re designed to get you thinking about what to write next–not to overwhelm your mind. 

If you do come up with several ideas in one brainstorming session, simply write them all down. Then add each idea to an editorial calendar so you know when to work on each post. This also prevents overwhelm and makes it more likely that you’ll stay consistent with content publishing.

Content Marketing Is Inexpensive

A third reason to use content marketing is it’s inexpensive. In fact, if you don’t include website hosting and domain costs, content marketing is a free method of learning how to market yourself as a realtor.

Marketers and professionals spend millions of dollars per year on ad budgets–80% of which is estimated to be wasted. If you’re spending even $500 on an ad set, that means $400 of it is going down the drain more often than not. That’s precious money that could be spent far better! 

Instead, you can develop and distribute content for a fraction of the cost. First, write and edit several blog posts so you have a foundation to launch with. Second, research images that match your website’s appearance. 

Though some stock images are high quality, it’s often worth investing in a stock image pack. Paid images are taken by professionals and lend a robust aesthetic to your brand. Browse online for large image bundles, which are often $50 or less for thousands of images. 

You can also build a dedicated audience for your new content with the right email marketing tips. If you’ve asked yourself, “When is the best time to send an email?” or have wondered about email subject line best practices for agents, we have recommendations to help. Check out our ultimate guide to email marketing for practical insights, including email templates for real estate agents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing As An Agent

Just like any other skill, content marketing takes time to develop and see results from. If you haven’t written a blog post, shot a video, or recorded a podcast episode before, it can feel intimidating. 

To help you get started, we researched a few commonly asked questions about content marketing as a real estate agent. Take a look at our answers below: 

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Marketing?

Real estate agents need marketing for several purposes. The top reasons include making your business visible, driving demand for your expertise, and using your time efficiently. Let’s break these three points down into detail. 

Creating visibility for your work is the main purpose of marketing. If people don’t know your business exists, they won’t hire you as an agent. Content marketing can differentiate your agency from others, as you can publish content that no one else is offering. 

Driving demand for your services is another reason marketing is essential. Launching your blog with a few blog posts is the first step, but you need a comprehensive plan to keep people coming in the door. Integrating SEO with your blog posts is one way to do this. Instead of writing articles and hoping people find them, you can include keywords that people are entering into search engines. Your posts will show up more often and more visitors will click on your site. 

Efficient time management is another reason marketing is a priority. If cold calling is the main way you learned how to generate real estate leads, you will get some, but it won’t be a large, long-term return. Plus, you want to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to leads, and content marketing is an ideal way to do that. Learn why a smaller number of strong leads is good for business here.

Putting time and resources into content marketing is proven to generate ongoing demand after investing at least six to 12 months in it. This is when people recognize your brand, trust your insights, and start reaching out to you on their own. 

What Does Marketing Have To Do With Real Estate?

Marketing has everything to do with real estate! More specifically, a vigorous marketing plan is the difference between struggling to find business and attracting it without friction. 

Successful marketing is about getting specific. Instead of talking with anyone who’s remotely interested in home ownership, focus on a segment of the market. Do you love helping first time homebuyers? Do you want to help retirees find a vacation home? Do you specialize in single family homes for couples with kids on the way? 

Your answers to these questions identify the type of client to serve. Start building your messaging around this client’s needs, interests, financial savings, and goals. 

When you serve one client really well, you become the expert for their demographic. As you help your customers with how to get a home appraisal and advising on the best time to sell a house, word will spread about your success.

Soon you’ll be the go-to person for similar kinds of clients and you’ll get referrals more often. Learning the fastest way to get more referrals can multiply both your content marketing efforts and personal sphere of influence.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Video Marketing?

Real estate agents need video marketing because it’s an increasingly prevalent and effective marketing method. The typical US adult consumer spends about five hours per day watching videos, and it’s estimated that about 65% of the total population are visual learners. 

85% of home buyers prefer working with an agent who uses video marketing and the right video editing tips. Videos imbue a sense of professionalism in a brand and allow prospects to connect on a slightly more personal level. Video marketing statistics show us that properties with videos also get 400% more inquiries on average than those with only pictures. 

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Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Success

Content marketing is similar to building a house. First you need to prepare the plot of land, level the site, and develop the foundation. Then you need to install drains and sewers, build the frame, and start adding other features. 

In content marketing terms, this means researching what your target audience is interested in and will benefit from. Start with straightforward questions that your clients ask often, and slowly build towards bigger assets like eBooks and long-form videos. 

This blog post contains the content marketing foundations you need to get noticed in your sphere. Be on the lookout for more content marketing strategies on the Rechat blog in the coming weeks.

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