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Email Subject Line Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

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If you’ve read most kinds of email marketing tips, you know that one third of your email’s success comes from the subject line. As many as 70% of people report emails as spam based on the subject line–even if it’s not spam!

Follow-up messages are extra difficult to find email subject line best practices for, too. You want to come across as clear and personable, but not desperate. That’s also a great rule of thumb when learning how to generate real estate leads or the fastest way to get more referrals.

To help you along, we researched five of the best follow-up subject lines. Some of these can be automated, others should not be. It depends on the context of an interaction and to what degree you’re leveraging relationship selling.

Here are email subject line best practices for real estate agents and why they work: 

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“I forgot to mention…”

Why It’s Effective: This email subject line is one of several authentic relationship selling techniques when you need to follow up from a meeting. Whether the meeting was face-to-face, a phone call, or video meeting, sending a message right after is usually well-received. 

A subject line like this shouldn’t necessarily be automated, though. If you truly did forget something, this is the perfect action to keep the conversation going. People also like to receive missing information because it lessens the feeling of uncertainty. The less doubtful people feel about your interaction, the more likely they are to do business with you. 

“Next steps”

Why It’s Effective: People love seeing what’s coming up next, especially if it has something to do with them. This email subject line best practice communicates something important is around the corner.

Just make sure that the body of your email provides value, because it’s dishonest to use a subject line just to get someone to open your email. The next steps could include an invitation to an event, filling out a form, booking a call two weeks out, or whatever fits best. 

If you’re also thinking, “When is the best time to send an email?” That’s a great question to ask when sending next steps emails. Click on the aforementioned blog post link to find out!

“I wanted to share this”

Why It’s Effective: When you share something valuable with a prospect, they’ll want to see what it is. This brief, five-word subject line communicates exactly that. 

The value you’re sharing doesn’t need to be huge or complex–simply something that’s useful to that person. It could be your recent close rate, an article you wrote while learning how to master content marketing, or details on where you’re holding an open house

This is a type of email that can be automated or manual, depending on what you’re sharing. For example, if you got off a discovery call with a brand new prospect, sharing a great testimonial can bolster their confidence in you.

If you have a meeting with someone who’s actively looking but not yet ready to buy, you can send them an FAQ article. This gives them time to get their questions answered in a low pressure, yet helpful way.

If you are automating this type of email, check out our email templates for real estate agents. They’ll help you draft outlines that you’ll use time and again in your agency.

“Missed you again”

Why It’s Effective: This is one of a couple email subject line best practices to use when you had a meeting booked, but your prospect was a no-show. “Missed you again” is a non-confrontational, respectful way of communicating that they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. 

The body of your email should include the info your prospect needs to rebook. This could be a link to your calendar, or simply a list of one or two times you’re free. Keep it simple and friendly, which is necessary when people can’t hear the tone of your voice. 

In some cases, this subject line will get people to respond quickly. If they had a legitimate reason for missing the meeting, they’ll let you know.

In other cases, it won’t elicit a response–which usually indicates the prospect was a tire kicker. This means you can let the lead go and move on to people who are interested in your services. 

“You coming?”

Why It’s Effective: This subject line is surprisingly effective for how direct it is. If you set up a meeting or are just now inviting your prospect to one, this is the perfect subject line to use. 

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a psychological phenomenon where people pay attention to opportunities that they may miss. People don’t want to lose out on something that they find entertaining or valuable. By piquing your prospect’s curiosity, they’ll want to see what’s going on. 

This is one of a few real estate marketing ideas that can be automated. Whenever you’re sending out an invitation to new leads, use this email subject line. It will show them that you’re promoting useful events. Even if they don’t attend, it lends credibility to your brand and business.

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